Launch of TDI Learning Collaborative

In early 2019, the TANF Data Innovation (TDI) Learning Collaborative will launch with the goal to spark and support the analysis of TANF data and integration with other social program data to improve program administration, integrity of payments, and outcomes for low-income families.

HOW? BY...

  • Helping managers hone analytical mindset and build capacity to articulate key questions that data can answer
  • Creating integrated databases and user-friendly visualizations
  • Determining target groups through predictive analytics
  • Developing caseload dynamic tools for managing rate of entry, length of stay and exit due to employment
  • Producing real-time dashboards for program performance
  • Developing products for federal reporting and program integrity


TDI Pilots:

Up to 8 state/local agencies will be selected as TDI Pilots to receive resources and address real-time questions with intensive technical consultation, data use workshops, and peer-to-peer learning groups.

Data Use Course:

An intensive, multi-day course on data integration and advanced analytics using real-world social program data and open source, interactive coding tools. Priority registration for TDI Pilot sites.

TDI Learning Collaborative:

A one-stop website portal to TDI activities, including announcements of new trainings or events, links to tools and other time-saving supports, agendas and materials for annual convenings, newsletters, links to other relevant websites, special workshops, and on-demand access to all training and technical assistance provided.