When a project or question requires that your agency gain access to cross-agency data, cross-agency dialog and data governance will be essential.

The following table outlines common data governance activities and the various stakeholders you will want to engage every step of the way.

Data Governance Throughout the Project Lifecycle
Governance Activities Who should be at the table?

Prioritizing shared inquiry questions

Executive leadership, all data partners

Agreeing on a data model, assessing data availability and quality

Agency staff from all data partners, including analysts and those closer to data collection and data management

Ensuring ethical data use

Executive leadership, all data partners. May also involve external ethics review and/or IRB.

Developing and executing legal agreements

Legal counsel from each data partner agency, privacy officer, CDO / CIO

Monitoring data security

IT support, data managers, privacy officer(s)

Analysis and interpretation

Agency staff conducting analysis consulting with analysts from partner agencies and university partners, as needed

Translation and use

Data partners, analysts, stakeholders

Adapted and used with permission from AISP Expert Panel Report: IDS Governance: Setting up for Ethical and Effective Use