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The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) values state and local efforts to become more data-driven in the provision of human services, and seeks to support and learn from these efforts. In our recent TANF Data Innovation (TDI) Needs Assessment survey, we asked state and territory TANF agencies about the barriers they face in using data to inform policy and programmatic decisions.

Respondents identified 3 key barriers to regular data use:

  1. Staff time;
  2. Availability of technology and data tools; and
  3. Staff skills

Reported Barriers to TANF Agency Data Use from least reported to most reported included political issues, other reasons, legal issues, communication challenges between IT staff and policy staff, accessing TANF data that are formatted for analysis, Availability of financial resources, staff skills, availablility of technology and data tools, and staff time.
Source: TANF Data Use and Opportunities survey module (generally completed by TANF agency director) of the TDI Needs Assessment Survey.
Note: Reporting results from 43 states.

The TDC team heard this loud and clear ... and we are here to help states clear those hurdles!

TDC will support a TANF agency Pilot program with up to 8 Pilot sites for a period of 30 months. To support state and local efforts and build strategic partnerships, Pilot agencies will receive funding and intensive training and technical assistance. Pilot team members will build new skills and contribute to ACF’s understanding of what it takes to do this important work.

Benefits of participation include:

  • Direct funding
  • Targeted and hands-on training and technical assistance
  • One-on-one support from TANF and data analytic experts
  • Peer learning opportunities, including dissemination of lessons learned

See here for more information on how to nominate TANF agencies for this opportunity!